About the Author

AbbyAbby Crisostomo is a multidisciplinary policy, planning and delivery professional with a focus on the intersection of environment, community and development using the principles of each to enhance the other. She has a wide variety of interests and experience, but has worked most extensively in water resources, environment and sustainability. Abby is currently a senior policy and programmes officer with the Greater London Authority, conducting green infrastructure data analysis and mapping to inform policymaking, as well as advising on climate adaptation, water resources and flood risk. She is also the Vice-Chair of the International Water Association’s Public and Customer Communications Specialist Group and was a member of the first round of Chicago Next Generation Environmental Leaders.

Abby is a frequent public speaker and avid Twitter user. You’ll often find her tweeting or writing about all things water and stormwater, community development, sustainability, biking and bike share, feminism, affordable housing, climate change, immigration, community engagement and other urbanist and social equity topics. She currently lives in London after having lived 10 years in Chicago, spent time in Brooklyn and Paris and grown up in Duluth, Minnesota.

Follow Abby on Twitter at @PlanAbby.

For more information, visit her LinkedIn page or click for more on some of her work:

All views reflected in this blog are those of the author only.


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