New starts

Welcome to River & City! I have been blogging for a number of years now, but have generally done so either through work or on more personal blogs. Since I have changed not only jobs, but also city and country of residence, the time is long overdue to centralize my blogging to a main site. On here, you’ll see me blog about rivers, cities, people and everything in between. I’ll eventually move or reference the content from my past writing and may double post writing for work, but generally this will be my independent thoughts on urbanist, environment and sustainability issues. What you won’t find are personal posts, “American in the UK” type posts, though thoughts on those might be woven into posts more generally about the usual themes. Feel free to comment, repost and contact me with questions, suggestions, corrections, etc.

P.S. The name of the blog came from the Hipster Business Name Generator. I clicked through it as a funny way to pass the time, but then I actually did come across a name that was relevant for the blog for which I couldn’t think of a name. So…there you have it in all its non-ironic glory.


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